Upper Intermediate Hebrew II

Nov 2009

I have to agree with many of the other reviews. Nehama Bersohn is the best Hebrew teacher I've ever had, and after many years at Jewish day schools/Hebrew school/private tutoring, that is saying something. That said, you must take this class seriously to actually learn. It will be tempting to come in late, as the class meets every day, and not to do the frequent homework, and many of my classmates do that. You will be penalized, but you will also be disrespecting a truly wonderful teacher who just wants to help you learn. She also takes a personal interest in each student and is always willing to offer extra help or support, which is really nice. She definitely has grumpy days, but she sees the same students every day, so that seems inevitable. I would definitely recommend this class if you actually want to learn Hebrew. If you really, really want an easy language class, take Yiddish. I hear it's fun.

Jun 2005

This is the 4th semester of Hebrew. I knew more before I took this class. Most annoying thing to wake up to 4 mornings a week. Seriously didn't learn anything in class but because its a small class, you need to go or it will affect your grade... and there are useless EASY quizzes every day. On the first day just sit far away from where she will be teaching so that you can do the crossword or entertain yourself in some other way for 50 minutes

Nov 2004

Tamar is hilarious. The event that best describes her occured when a student was late to class (it was slated for 10-10:50 and he arrived at 10:07) and she congratulated him on his progress, as he had arrived at 10:10 the day before, she said at this rate, he'd be on time in a few more days. She is very cute, and always chipper, an Israeli of the old school. Class is mercifully short (only 50 minutes) but she fills it with LOTS of grammar, and not as much vocab as one would hope. The class had a broad cross-section of experience and ability, which added to the challenge of teaching us, but Tamar seemed to do well, and cared about your individual progress, requesting private meetings when she felt that there was a concept that needed to be explained, but she didn't want to waste the classes' time.

May 2004

Far and away, the most spiteful and petty professor I have ever met. If you want to get an A in this class, be sure never to let Prof. Raphaeli know. In my opinion, she has no problem disregarding the average of your test scores, your homework scores, your class participation and attendance to make sure you do not get the grade you deserve and want. She seems like a nice old lady until you question her grading system (a 99 can sometimes be recorded as an A- in her class!). And watch out - she never gives partial credit for test questions and always makes sure that the distribution on a test comes out so that one mistake will result in an A-. In terms of her actual teaching skills, she's decent. The article segments that she gives to the class are helpful and generally illustrate the way the verbs we learn are used in modern Hebrew discourse. Though, class can get pretty monotonous; most days we just sat and read an article or went around the room answering questions in a workbook.

Aug 2002

This is a fairly boring class. It's mainly focused on written grammar, with a bit of reading and speaking. The prof. is ok as a teacher. That said, the class is not particularly painful (a boring but easy first class each day is not necessarily a bad thing) and she gives light work and good grades. She is also pretty cool about lateness and attendance and is personally quite nice.