First Year Scene lab

Dec 2004

She knows her stuff, in my opinion but she thinks she's always at Julliard. She makes good points to the actors from time to time -- that is, when she acknowledges the actors she makes good points. She doesn't get very personal with her students, and then grades them on personality.

Jan 2004

I have to say Denny is terrifying at first. However, first impressions aside she is an amazing woman. I think that there is a lot to be learned from Denny and that is what makes her intimidating in part. Denny presides over the class with an iron fist and she will not tolerate any carelessness, keeping you on your toes all the time. I think whats most important about Denny is that she really is passionate about what she does and she wants you to share in it. She shows compassion to the shyest of actors, as long as they are willing to put in effort. There is a lot to be learned from this woman, do not be decieved by her coldness.