Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

May 2018

Boring class and lecture. Please do not take her for Environmental Econ- you think the class is going to be easy but then the HWs do not parallel or give you a sense of how hard the test/midterms are going to be. Also when you ask to meet her for OH or outside OH if you can't make her times: she says to post it on discussion board or got to the Economics Help room. This doesn't solve the problem as the economics help room are not equipped to help with this class (not their fault- they barely have anyone that has taken the class). The GIS maps take time to make and are a total waste. Sometimes the files she gives for them are either corrupted on purpose or not on purpose so, it makes the whole process harder and much longer than it needs to be! For the midterm + final you basically have to mug up the sources, HWS and skim the readings. This would be fine but some of the slides are hard to interpret as she skips over them in class and doesn't explain them completely. Overall, she seems like a great person but a boring professor and lecturer that doesn't make the content interesting at all. Avoid taking this class unless you really have to!

Feb 2004

very smart professor, interesting lectures, but he is really intense and moves really fast--no nonsense teaching style. great powerpoints will guide you through the fast-paces lectures, though. covers many interesting topics, but it's not easy stuff, so you have to stay on top of readings and go to class to do well on problem sets and exams. he's helpful in responding to emails and questions posted on courseworks.

Jan 2004

Prof Sethi is a really organized, knowledgeable, and engaging. He was really great at exposing us to various aspects of environmental economics. The course was filled with so many interesting and stimulating topics. Prof Sethi has PowerPoint slides as a guide for every lecture so that you're sure you won't be lost during class. Some previous reviews have written that he is unaccomodating, and from my experience, that is far from true. He responds *extremely* quickly to emails, and he is very open and helpful during office hours. For our final review, he stayed an hour past his office hours to answer questions. He is fair, and you always get the grade you deserve. If you go to lecture and understand the material he teaches, you will do well. Just don't think that simply reading the PowerPoint slides will give you an A b/c they are there to supplement (not substitute) his very enjoyable and engaging lectures. Take his class, you won't be disappointed.

Jan 2004

OK, apparently according to earlier reviewers he did not do a good job at intermediate macro, but this must be because it is just beneath the level at which he really shines. I can't say what his other classes are like, but for Environmental Econ Sethi is hands-down, an EXCELLENT professor. For example, even he admits that his Financial Econ class is still "under construction", but he has been teaching Environmental Econ for quite some time and has it absolutely polished. He is very clear and very organized and cares a lot about helping all of his students to understand the material in class. Overall, i would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this class as Sethi does an excellent job with it. I promise you it will be a very enjoyable experience even if you didn't have a previous interest in Environmental Econ.