Laboratory in Microbiology

Apr 2002

Poindexter is a brilliant scientist and a wonderful teacher. She knows and loves bacteria, and will convey her enthusiasm to you. The lecture is superb, although she goes VERY fast .... bring a tape recorder or be prepared to get writer's cramp. Exams are tough, but she curves the average to a B. She can be intimidating at first, but don't be scared off.... she is happy to help you out if you're having trouble and her animated lecture style makes class enjoyable. I highly recommend taking the lab as well ... it can be a lot of work during class time, but the class is generally relaxed and interesting, and with the exception of the final project, the reports are short and straightforward. The project is great .... you are free to choose pretty much any feasible investigation, and it's exciting to be able to carry out your own independent research. People put in a lot of work for the lab, but Poindexter recognizes this, giving most everyone a B+ or above. Dr. Poindexter has high expectations for her students, and while her class is no easy A, if you put in the effort you will learn an incredible amount of fascinating material and your hard work will be acknowledged. Don't think that microbiology is a dull field..... by the end of the semester you will be agreeing with Dr. Poindexter's closing statement... "Microbes are awesome!"