Intro to Computer Science- Programming in C

Mar 2007

Ms. Arabshian is a very sweet teacher. She's very young, and she's very approachable. She will give you all the time in the world if you need help understanding something. She presents all her lessons well, using powerpoint presentations. Good speaker. I took the class with no programming experience as a freshman, and got an A. I did, however, go to her office hours every week, so she got to know me and I did get extra review. But I wouldn't do the assigned readings, and usually didn't pay good attention in class. Programming is fun, but sometimes frustrating when you don't see your mistake. She will extend deadlines if everyone is behind.

Dec 2004

Where to start? Aho has an impressive background; no one would deny that he doesn't know computer science well. He cowrote his own major programming language called "AWK" and teaches far above an introductory level. The class does start extremely slow, learning HTML and Javascript before the heavy Java programming approaches. Alfred will give you a great first impression. Then you will wonder what evil lurks beneath his genial facade when he screws you over somehow. But by the end you will see he is not such a bad guy. As for the class, much of the lecture is boring, repetitive, and sometimes incomprehensible. The review session will tell you what is on the exams. During class I brought my laptop and chatted/checked email every day; listening when appropriate. I recommend this to any student; otherwise class may be so boring that you will stop showing up.

May 2004

This class was horribly confusing. Not the programming part, that was pretty easy. I already knew C++, Cocoa, Java, Obj-C, Visual Basic, MySQL, JS, etc. The theory part was what was absolutely ridiculous. The theories introduced were NOT introductory material. They were very abstract, and horribly explained by both the professor and the book. After I kept getting back homework assignments in the 60s, I thought I was going to fail the class until I realized that most people were doing worse than I was.

Jan 2004

This instructor is your typical cs nerd. He speaks with a dry wit, and he trails off the end of sentences, but you quickly learn that anything he says under his breath is not important. Personal quirks aside, he taught competently; I don't have any complaints. He explained information clearly and covered everything he said he would. He gave good answers to the many, many questions I asked in class, clarifying a lot of confusing aspects of the language and never making me feel stupid for asking a "dumb" question.

Dec 2003

DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS!!! This was the first semester of Prof Aho's experiment in teaching programming and computer science concepts at the same time. Classes were very confusing and tried to teach you material that encompasses complex computer science matter, the book sucks, and whatever you learn in class doesn't help in any way with the programming assignment. Thank god the TAs were awesome, that's how I can say I walked out of this class feeling that I can actually write a program. Their assignment were very interesting and they (the TAs) were available to help virtually 24/7. I am very disappointed with the theoretical part of the class however, and the theory problem sets (aside from the programming assignments!) were not only ridiculous but impossible and unmanageable.

Jan 2000

Grossberg recently made a daring escape from the math department, in order to teach computer science classes. What's the difference between a mathematician and a computer scientist? To him, nothing. To us -- well, we all know that the math department professors are the most knowledgeable in their fields. Does it ensure they can teach? Well, he is prepared. It would be nice, however, if he got more than an hour of sleep on the night before lectures. This might help him from stumbling over himself so much, physically, and verbally.