Advanced Oral/ Written

Jan 2004

I had mixed feelings about Prof. Crapotta. He had a big personality, was entertaining, (and loves to be entertained, don't forget that for ANY assignment; make him laugh and pay attention to your grammar and accent and he's yours), but seemed distant at first. Don't be scared; by the end of the semester, I grew to love him and the whole class. We learned from every possible source of Spanish, and the class is more work and time than you probably expect from a Spanish class, but it's not busy work, and it's not wasted. You'll get better and more comfortable with Spanish, and he'll have you speaking more fluidly by the end of the semester. Smile, pay attention (not hard except during grammar days), laugh, and make him do the same during your (many) presentations (mostly fun skits). I used to hate working in groups; now I miss my class. In short, Crapotta is great if you just match his personality.