First Year Seminar - Love

Jan 2011

Readings are half selections from a Lit Hum syllabus, half relatively obscure Russian, all enjoyable. Kashper annoyed a lot of people. Some reasons are very valid. She plays favorites big time, is unorganized, doesn't leave the most thoughtful comments on your writing, and unabashedly promotes her own department in a course whose description does not suggest so. You will be doing a lot of things off campus and on your own time that are only tangentially related to the curriculum. Relax and have a good attitude. The way to be successful in this class is to write and discuss ideas with which Kashper would agree. A lot of students seemed to have an issue with that, but it is a perfectly valid way of running a course, and it is a valuable exercise to express arguments you don't believe. Don't take yourself so seriously. I promise you're learning. Your writing isn't improving, your worldview isn't dramatically shifting, but you're learning. And incoming first-years concerned about the in-residence requirement limiting the number of people they meet, let me just say that you will meet SO MANY PEOPLE your first semester of college. In-rez helps you establish some sort of bond with a few of them.

Nov 2009

Professor Kashper Is not only a very approachable and intellectual professor she is also a great person. I looked forward to her class every week. She is incredibly passionate especially about Russian literature. although she sometimes can seemed biased, her opinions and discussion topics were always thought provoking and challenging. She always made time for her students and when she was unavailable for office hours she offered hour long sessions at coffee shops and restaurants where she would buy us coffee and discuss not only our work but was excited to discuss every day topics. She was incredibly accessible and encouraged us to talk to her about anything we needed in terms of the class.

Jan 2004

I LOVE this lady! She is so sweet and understanding, and she chose wonderful books for us to read. She was my first English prof here and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Though she sometimes had unrealistic expectations of what the class could do, I found her to be extremely engaging and I really enjoyed her class.