First-Year Seminar / Reacting to the Past

May 2014

Professor Milnor is the total package: she knows her stuff, she's an excellent educator, and she's probably the most understanding professor I've had all semester. I'd like to compare her to Gulatti almost. Her classes are hard, but she makes you want to put in the work and the classes are extremely interesting. About a review below saying Milnor has favorites, I'd have to disagree. She appreciates everyone's strengths, as some people were better writers and others were amazing speakers. I think Milnor needs her gold nugget back. The amount of time she dedicates to her students is unheard of. She meets with students on different days than her office hours. Now for grading: I got a C- on my very first paper and went to her two times on my next one and got a C+. However, I eventually figured out how she wanted the papers to be written (it's a learned process) and have gotten A-/A's on all the rest of them. I couldn't have done this without her help. I recommend sending her a rough draft (because its not required) before the paper is due. Her feedback is extremely helpful for not only the grade but for the writing aspect. I mean hello, she knows Latin, she has amazing grammar. I am the most proud of taking this class as a first year at Barnard. I recommend taking it with Milnor for the complete holistic Reacting to The Past experience.

Dec 2012

Reacting to the Past with Professor Stokes was incredible! I was very apprehensive about taking Reacting at the beginning of the year. It was not my first choice seminar and I'm very knowledgable about history, so the lack of emphasis on historical accuracy really bothered me at first. However, as the term went on, I grew to love the class. Professor Stokes is very good at moderating the intense discussions/arguments that take place in Reacting to the Past. The nature of the curriculum makes it so you want to put everything into the class. You also really get to know your fellow classmates because of the nature of this class. By the end of the term, my Reacting to the Past classmates and PStokes felt like family. Professor Stokes even invited us over to dinner at the end of the term. I can't wait to take Professor Stokes's psych class next term!

Jul 2009

Milnor is obviously an educated woman with a great background. Yes, she is nice, but I took part in Milnor's class and found her to have "favorites", i.e. those who suck up to her in class and talk a mouthful. If you don't suck up to her, expect a B. She once told us that we could write our papers in a creative writing form if we'd like and so I did, and she admitted she really enjoyed and "would have been an A+ if this was a creative writing class"...and so she ended up giving me a C instead. I confronted her about what she said and she responded "Oh, did I? Well...I don';t recall that I said it and you were the only one who wrote this paper in creative writing form, so...sorry."