Modern Analysis I

Jan 2021

Henri is not an experienced teacher. He understands math well, but he has a long way to go before he can explain math well. I was expecting someone to actually explain the math in detail than a speed writer who just copies Rudin on the blackboard. Anyway, he's not an annoying professor, but very me·di·o·cre.

Dec 2020

Roesch is a pretty polarizing guy. Like he definitely did a great job of adapting to the online setting so I'll definitely give him credit where credit is due. He was a pretty good educator. I mean, nothing spectacular but he gets the content through to you. Unfortunately, all but like one of his graders this semester were kind of rude so that didn't help. Additionally, he's an incredibly harsh grader. Bordering on unfairly harsh grading. I enjoyed analysis and the workload was not bad at all. Just wish he wasn't such a harsh grader. TLDR; average all around, harsh grading

Jul 2006

Another one of those smart-guy-horrible-teacher types. The way he explains concepts and proofs may be intuitive to him, but are usually inaccessible to most of the students in class (except for those who already know the material). On top of that, it is difficult to follow both his speech pattern and his boardwork. He stutters a lot; his boardwork is as broken as his speech. And even further on top of that, he doesn't hand out any of Gallagher's old lecture notes. The book roughly matches his own curriculum at best. This is a great course to take, but just not with him.

Nov 2004

Be very careful about taking this class. As an econ major, I heard that it was important to take this class to get into grad school--but the level of abstraction here crushed me. Don't take this class unless you have a very strong background in mathematical theory, and love memorizing proofs. Although he seemed to be a very good lecturer, the material was way over my head, and I had to drop.