Japan in the Twentieth Century

Dec 2004

Sigh, this class made me really sad. I came into the class expecting a comprehensive overview of Japan over the past 100 years. Instead I got images of umbrellas and a lot of sex. Pflugfelder decided to show history through images. The problem with that is he never really tells us anything about history. It's all well and good that the Japanese like to depict their political figures as catfish, but I definitely have no idea who those political figures are, what their importance is, or pretty much about anything relating to history. The textbook is also extremely dry when it comes to political matters. It seems like Pflugfelder had very little invested in this class and didn't even attend the last two weeks of lectures. The only saving grace of this class was the TA, Federico, who was incredibly intelligent and, believe it or not, actually taught us some things about Japan -- in the Twentieth Century no less! All in all take this class if you like looking at porn from the 1880s, but not if you enjoy something I like to call "history."