Colloqium: Content of American Politics

Dec 2004

I did not enjoy this class and found Prof Smith to be uninspiring. He was inept at articulating research criticisms and methods along the way and so was not very helpful in the research process. Some of the readings were interesting but he did not have a very good method of leading discussions

Jun 2004

I love professor russell! I totally disagree with all the other reviews given about this teacher. She is so knowledgeable about the material, but the important thing is that she is sooo nice. She is THRILLED to help students on their papers, to just come talk to them after class, and to really get to know her students, even to talk to them on the phone during her own free time to help them out. I spoke to her many times throughout the semester and always found her engaging and insightful, not to mention very helpful on providing sources for papers. The class itself is discussion based and, while not all did participate, the ones who did I think got a lot out of the discussions, which I think really did pertain to the readings, contrary to the previous reviewer. I can not praise her enough!!!!

May 2004

I would like to congratulate Judith for writing a book. If you take this class, all you need to know is that Judith wrote a book. This is the most ridiculous excuse for a colloqium. She assigned about 5 books that you had to read and take notes on (hello 3rd grade) for every class. These were not interesting books, THEY WERE REFERENCE BOOKS. so after you spend 6590860965095 hours reading these books, one might assume that they will be discussed during the 2 hour session. WRONG. instead she likes to discuss all the random facts she knows about kennedy's presidency. if you do not know these random facts (WHICH ARE NOT IN THE READINGS) she will berate you for not participating enough. so either read an encyclopedia over the summer or choose another class. the situation is lose- lose. Let's not forget the almighty 25 page paper, which she grades randomly.