Specters of Culture

May 2005

Pemberton is great. Subtle, but great. This is one of those seminars where you'll get out of it what you put in. It is a pleasure to write essays for this class, as topics range from mass-mediation, to ghosts in machines, technology and culture, and the internet. You will find a unique mix of discussion on culture, the history of technology, and the implications of technology on one's subjectivity. The most important lesson coming out of this (and other Pemberton seminars) is that you will learn to reassess your tools of representation and interpretation. He is a gem of the anthro department.

Apr 2004

prof. pemberton is THE best professor i have ever had. we started reading freud's the uncanny and now we are talking about the current recording technology. if you want to think - if you love to think - take this class. you will not be dissappointed.