Theater and Society, theater lab

Apr 2004

I have to admit, after taking theater and society with Denny, I became very apprehensive about my career as an actor and my success in the Barnard theater department. She is a bit intimidating, but I soon learned after taking a smaller sized course with her, that her dominating presence is only due to the fact that she knows so much about what she does. SHE IS AN AMAZING PROFESSOR. I suggest to anyone who wishes to become a theater major, an actor, or even just wants to learn more about life in general--TAKE A CLASS WITH DENNY PARTRIDGE. She knows what she's talking about. She is a very intelligent and experienced woman, and while it is true that she tends to talk a lot about herself, it's ok because she is so interesting. Even if you're not interested in theater and just need to fulfill a requirement or wish to take a class different from what you're used to, take one with Denny. But beware: Denny believes everyone has the capability to become an amazing actor. She pushes everyone really hard because she just assumes that everyone has it in them (which is a great feeling for a shy theater hopeful who doesn't expect to be taken seriously). But if you're someone who expects to just breeze through her class without working, don't take a class with Denny. She expects a lot from you and won't take any laziness. And watch out--her enthusiasm is contagious. She has a passion for theater and life and social awareness that makes anyone who is in contact with her want to run out and do political theater--theater for a social purpose. She really makes you think. To those students who took theater and society with her as a first-semester freshman and are now turned off (or perhaps just scared???) of theater and acting, especially if that was your passion before college, DON'T AVOID HER! TAKE MORE CLASSES WITH HER! You will see that she deals much better with smaller classes and she is by far the best theater professor I have come into contact with so far. You can learn so much from her. She is easily accessible and ready to listen to concerns you might have. Just be warned: she can be a tough critic but if you want a career in this field, that's what you have to learn to deal with, so get used to it. Besides, her criticisms are always valid. My conclusion? DENNY PARTRIDGE IS ABSOLUTELY A FANTASTIC PROFESSOR!!!!!