Erotic Colonial American Film: 1600-1776

Jul 2011

I would like to register my deep satisfaction with this course. Sure, the 3-cornered hats were a little silly, but keep in mind that this is an UNDERWATER BASKETWEAVING COURSE. It is a rigorous field and even its most dedicated and able students sometimes need a reprieve from the poignant and scintillating course matter. The films were insightful and the discussions were pleasureable. I personally thought that the plumed hats and whalebone hoop skirts in the film "Lonley Laurie Crosses the Prairie" were a brilliant homage to the "au naturel" trend in pre-federal American pornography. And I particularly enjoyed the course's section on Benjamin Franklin, a pioneer in the field -- and a fox in a frock coate! I would recommend this course. A word to the wise: if you are not comfortable hunting and skinning your own rabbit for the "hands-on" field trip requirement, you may want to sign up for something else. Latex is a no-no in the reenactment workshop. Another side-note: you may need to schedule an hour at the gym every week to work out your other arm.

Nov 2004

This is absolutely one of the most ridiculous classes offered at Columbia. I signed up hoping to learn a bit about what lurks in the darkest corners of the American Colonial mind. However, Professor Kwok merely brings his versions of modern pornography. (For example, for last week's screening, he brought in his cut of "Brianna Loves Jenna," in which everyone has those triangular hats superimposed on her head and speaks in (a dubbed) high-pitched Indian accents. ) I should've raised an eyebrow when the words "Colonial" and "film" were in the same course title. Unfortunately, the only rise I got was in my Levi's.