History of Dance Part II

May 2004

I want to start off by saying that i am NOT a dancer. That having been said, this was sometimes a handicap in Garafola's class. While she is very sweet and has students from the class who are dancers demonstrate nearly every step, I would definitely have appreciated it more if I had any clue what I was talking about. Professor Garafola really knows her stuff. She has been in the business for years, first as a dancer and then as a professor in its history. Classtime is spent listening to her read from a series of notes (which are very well written but EXTREMELY esoteric- the class does not really have a flow) and watching supplemental videos. Just show her you're trying and you'll be okay. Just a caveat- Professor Garafola LOVES to hear herself talk. She cannot answer a question in less than essay-legnth, and always with very superfluous language. It was still an interesting class and I actually learned a lot about Dance.