Experimental Psych: Human Behavior

Dec 2008

I had her for a thinking and decision making lab. Thank god the lectures were posted online, her 2-hr a week class was enough to make you wish you want to cry and/or hit things. I swear I didn't learn anything during lecture that I couldn't have taught myself. The lab assignments are also totally unrelated to anything that goes on in class, but you're expected to learn things for lab on your own anyway. The class requires a lot of patience and a really good TA. Don't study too much for it, you'll just be mad at yourself if you do (and you'll probably do worse).

May 2004

Professor Magnuson certainly tried hard to make his class accessible (master web site for all relevant info, available powerpoint lectures), but this is a course that's desperately in need of a subject. There's no theory to be learned, just a whole semester devoted to lab technique, experimental construct, and other topics that are usually found within the first two chapters of any real science textbook. And the time devoted to statistics was simply insult to injury - psych majors already have a stat. requirement! Two of the three labs were devoted to language and memory, Prof. Magnuson's specialty, but he didn't take the time to teach any of the theory behind them. Thus, writing the lab reports was about as fun as chewing broken glass. I don't blame Professor Magnuson, he certainly tried hard, but someone needs to inject substance into this course if it has any hope of survival.

May 2004

I really felt bad for him, he really is a nice guy but not a good teacher. I went to all his lectures and always left more confused. He doesn't have good examples and usually cannot answer questions.