Utopias Seminar

Dec 2010

Professor Kenny was the best seminar professor I could have asked for! She was always prepared for class, either with a brief introductory lecture to add to our discussion of the reading or with a list of questions to guide the discussion. She encouraged participation, but only directly asked you to comment if you hadn't spoken even once all class. The blogs were easy and ungraded except for participation points so don't let that discourage you from taking this class. Some of the readings were tedious (and skipped) but she's revamping the syllabus for next year anyway. Also, papers were initially daunting but she provides excellent help when you're trying to figure out a topic--go to her office hours, or even ask her after class--very friendly and approachable, and she definitely does not waste your time. She even gives you a chance to revise papers and her comments are amazingly helpful, because she doesn't force you to write HER way, yet manages to guide you toward writing a much more logical and grammatically correct paper. You will not regret taking a class with her!

Dec 2010

This was a great class, I enjoyed it for the most part. The novels read in the class were easy reads and very interesting. We did have some historical document reading requirements which were fine, except for one by which was tedious and annoying. There were weekly blogs which were easy if you did the reading, if you didn't then I'm sure you could make something up as well. The discussions in class were sometimes interesting but it all depends on the students. Professor Kenny was there to pick up the conversation if it died off. The best thing about this course besides the awesome reading list, was that Professor Kenny made herself extremely available if anyone needed any help, and was very patient. She held all her office hours but if those did not work for you, she was willing to meet almost any time possible for you. She goes through your essay in detail and helps you formulate better ideas and sentences. She also is very explanatory with essay corrections so when you get back your paper, you know why you received a particular grade. Take advantage of the office hours, she will help you write a better paper, and gives great advice!

May 2004

Molly Murray is my favorite teacher at Columbia. Not only is she incredibly erudite and brilliant, she is also passionate about her subject matter and about her students. And she's just really friendly and fun to talk to as well. Yes, it's her first year as a full-time teacher and she can be a bit scatterbrained at times, but you will not find another professor at this school who cares as much about teaching you weird non-canonical 16th and 17th century texts as she does. Take any class she teaches, even if you don't think you'll like the subject matter; by the end you will. And be very, very thankful if you get her for Lit Hum, I'm sure she's fantastic.