Dec 2010

Professor Lee is great. He's upbeat, incredibly nice, and a very good lecturer. As a for example, his 3 hour long classes never drag, and he encourages a lot of class participation. Plus, he brings candy to class for correct answers! I'd highly recommend this class for anyone of any major, if you have an interest in going into consulting or marketing upon graduation. It's great preparation for case interviews -- I took it senior year first semester, and it really brought home concepts that I'd been prepping from "Case in Point". I wish I'd taken it earlier, actually, and maybe that would have solidified my post-graduation ambitions earlier. The class itself is pretty easy, and everyone taking it is really into it. Our final projects (a comprehensive marketing plan and presentation for a product of your own making) turned out to be really impressive - some of the groups had actually created and sold the products they had conceived over the duration of the semester. The last day of class, during which we did our presentations, was really fun! The class is full of a lot of talented undergrads, and it's cool to see your classmates outside of the context of your Core classes.

Jan 2010

Overall a good experience. His into to marketing class was a lot of work - frequent quizzes, two midterms and a final. Pharmasim simalation tied into his class very well and improved the learning experience. Slides were good and complemented the textbook reading (enforced by quizzes!) well. Class very quantitative. He is a good professor and offers a well rounded class. I can imagine how the person from another review was disappointed with the quantitative part of the class - getting a good grade without strong math skills will be hard. That being said, it's basic high school math, and nothing overboard.

Jan 2009

Oded taught Intro to Marketing and it was a great class. very interesting and definitely applicable to the real business world. he gave a 10minute break in the middle of the 3hr class. there were only 12 classes total including the final(in class), but there are good guest speakers, and it is definitely worth going to. 4 homework assignments that can be done in no more than 1.5 hours. grading is: participation - 20% final-35% group project- 30% homework - 15%

May 2004

This guy is amazing. He makes a 3hr 15minute class feel half that length. His presentations are funny, clear, concise, and relevant to the outside word. He's also very approachable and a generous grader. If you can, take a class with this man!