Advanced Oral/Written Spanish

May 2007

BEST PROF EVER. Do not leave Columbia/Barnard without taking a class with this woman. She's by far the best instructor I've ever had at this institution.

Apr 2007

Maybe the only time when Ima write that I respect the Police. This Police is so nice it almost makes you wanna excuse the Rodney King beating... Classes are fun (she tries harder than you know to keep you from sleeping) and alternate between grammar and literature. She is not a native speaker but has spent time aborad making her a pretty good speaker. Homework assignments are the regular weekly small essays (with generally interesting/personalize-able topics), but she will give them back marked up for a second draft before they count). For those of you who want out-of-class help, she is there for you with open arms (juniors, read: help on your study abroad application); in fact, she will probably give her cell phone and suggest discussing Spanish over coffee. Basically, for this class, she's as good as it gets. If you want to take your Spanish to the next level, move on to the Intro to the Study of Hispanic Cultures (SP) class.

Sep 2004

Amazing professor & amazing class! I loved this class. Professor Suarez made me feel so comfortable speaking in class, and I really appreciated this because I had always been hesitant to speak in other classes. The class involves discussion about topics that the class picks in the beginning of the semester. As Prof. Suarez goes through each class, he assigns articles to read and gives us questions to think about. Prof. Suarez makes the class as enjoyable as possible. One of our assignments was to watch Pedro Almodovar movies. We did group work as well, and we also had to participate in a cultural event in the city, which was very fun. Prof. Suarez makes the class feel very laid back and casual, but at the same time, he provokes thought and allows you to improve your speaking and writing skills. I cannot say enough good things about this class and professor. Prof. Suarez is so nice, friendly, and approachable. He is more than willing to answer any and all questions, and he is very knowledgeable about Latino culture and language.

May 2004

WONDERFUL PROFESSOR!!!! so nice. so awesome!!! This course does have some annoying homework like online discussions, but all the work is completely manageable. Do not be fooled by the fact that it's called Advanced/Oral written. It's a fun class and Jesus is awesome. You can make all the mistakes you want and he always ALWAYS helps you. Great class to take if your other classes are really stressing; it's not that difficult but you still learn a lot. Would definitely recommend it. Whether you really like Spanish or jsut want to learn more, this class is still great to take. Jesus is a fabulous professor. I remember our class making the same mistakes in subjunctive like 5 or 6 times, and jesus was still really cool about it.