Accelerated Elementary Italian 1

Jan 2003

I disagree with the previous review. Paola is an incredible teacher who makes you excited to learn italian. Her endless energy and positive attitude is infectious- I always look forward to her class. Although the typical pseudo- intellectual Columbia student (as represented by the review above) might find her annoying- I find her enthousiasm and joy for teaching very refreshing. Don't miss this class- Paolo is great!

Jan 2000

This man is animated, engaging and a sharp dresser. However, he makes close to no effort to find creative ways to teach language. Class is spent going over rote book excercises and conjugations. An interesting plus is the common digressions, where the class debates the merits of various Italian cuisine and restaurants, or compares the language to other romance languages. Failla is a spunky man who sticks to traditional (and somewhat boring) methods of teaching.