Dec 2007

He is the most amazing piano teacher I've ever had- he's just such a nice guy, and always has very interesting insights into the pieces you're playing. He puts very little pressure on you, but I enjoy lessons with him so much that I practice an hour or more every day anyway, so that I can get as much as possible out of the half-hour lesson.

May 2004

Niels is a gem of a professor: he teaches you the piano according to what you want from the course, all the while the both of you sharing your philosophies and interpretations of music and how you see it intermingled with art in life. Not to sound too technical though, it is with great pleasure that I anticipate going to my piano classes with Niels. This class has served as a smooth balance to an otherwise heavy academic and active social life at Columbia. My only regret is that as a non-music major, I cannot take a full hour of class. I highly recommend Niels as a piano professor. He is attentive, and he may likely inspire you to discover pleasure in music that you may not have experienced before.