Animal Physiology

Apr 2014

Animal physiology was by FAR the best class i have ever taken at Barnard/columbia. Professor Glendinning is very clear when explaining the material, is super open for questions and is always willing to meet with you if you have questions about the course material. He provides you with slides that you take notes on and his tests come from those slides. When studying for the test, if you know EVERYTHING in his slides, you will do very well on the tests. His exams are very manageable and tho it is challenging it is definitely not impossible to do well in his class. You are also given a couple of problem sets over the course of the semester that summarize class material. I'd suggest starting them a week before they are due because they may take a long time but you can work in groups which makes it a fun experience. You also have a 5 minute disease presentation that you do as a group on a specific disease of your choosing. He grades easily on those. If you have time in your schedule I 100% recommend you taking this class! if you love physiology you will definitely love this class. I'm sad that I'm almost done if I could I would take this class again. You learn a ton and it is definetely a rewarding experience.

Apr 2011

i completely completely, vehemently disagree with the past reviews for this professor. While Prof. Glendinning was challenging, his class was extremely rewarding. He is extremely intelligent, extremely helpful when you go to talk to him, and the exam questions are difficult but isn't that what exams are supposed to be? Just because the exam questions require you to think does not mean that they are unfair. His exams were challenging as was the class, but I came out far more knowledgeable on the subject at hand than before, largely due to his help. Workload was difficult but manageable, and his lectures were often interesting and engaging. I disagree about the lectures being boring and straightforward, and am actually surprised to read them as most of the students I talked to were very happy with him as professor. I came back to write this after seeing the terrible reviews, and came to let people know that he is not nearly as bad as they write, and is in fact, extremely extremely good. He is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable professors I have had at columbia, and I strongly recommend him as a professor

Jan 2011

Glendinning is an awful grader and gives almost no partial credit, so you can fully expect to master the material better than him and still end up with a B+. If you attend office hours and regularly suck up to him you might have a better shot. Some of the material was useful, but the learning usually occurs through the book on your own, and he is often more of a hindrance than a help. Avoid this class if you can.

Dec 2010

Prof Glendinning is the worst professor I've ever had. He never explains things clearly and instead of trying to explain he just says "you've got to wrap your head around it." His grading is completely unfair, he gives people with the same answers different amount of points. He also gave zero credit for an answer that is what it says in the textbook, that he chose, and made up his own answer. When you go talk to him about your exam, he won't change your grade even if you show him where the answer in the textbook was. He cannot take criticism and will basically ignore your comment in class if it has anything to do with how he might be wrong. DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS UNLESS GLENDINNING IS NOT TEACHING IT, YOU WILL REGRET IT. Everyone told me not to take this class and I wish i had listened to them so please take my advice and do not take this class. It will drag down your GPA for no reason.

Jan 2010

BEWARE exam questions could not be less straightforward- he seems like he's purposely writing convoluted questions to trick students. Most students leave exams confused on what was asked and end up (almost always) getting the question wrong- so ASK. He even encourages students to ask, and it seems that by asking it shows effort and you'll probably get a higher grade. Get to know him, ask questions, and you're guaranteed an A/A- (as long as you study). If you don't (and still study A TON) you will probably still end up with a B/B+. Takes some time to get used to his teaching style/exams but you'll get the hang of it. Course material is interesting and he adds many slides in which the information is not in the book so GO TO CLASS.

Apr 2006

I found Professor Glendinning to be an interesting and knowledgable lecturer. Taking a bio sequence before this class did help with understanding of the material. I really disagree with the other reviews written for this professor. I found his lectures interesting. In order to to well on his exams you have to come to class and you have to really know his powerpoint slides, sometimes he does throw in a minute detail that was in small font on one of his slides, but besides that, his exams were totally reasonable. Perhaps he's changed his style since the last reviews were written, but I found these reviews offbase.

Jun 2004

Prof. Glendinning is a JOKE! He is the most arrogant, insensitive professor I have ever met at Barnard. His exams do NOT reflect what he teaches in class and he expects you to extrapolate on the exams on dumb questions that have little to do with the material and everything to do with the words that come out of his mouth. He almost never admits that he is wrong (when its so obvious) and he is quick to make judgements about your abilities after the first exam. Although you may need this class if you are premed, PLEASE BEWARE!! You will have an awful time listening to his boring lectures, his much too often dramatic pauses to find the answers he doesn't know anyway, and his killer exams with an almost non existent curve. If you dont have too, dont take it with him. Go (or stay) on the other side of the street.

Jan 2002

His lectures are terribly monotonous, and his PowerPoint presentation comes straight from the textbook. He likes to present a lot of material, and then require you to synthesize and think beyond what he has taught, for the final; i.e. the material on the test does NOT reflect the material he teaches in class. BEWARE.