Masterpieces of 19th Century Russian Literature

Jun 2004

*** AVOID **** The motto is “It’s not about what you learn, but what you already know,” which is obviously good for some, but bad for others. This is a woman who cares absolutely nothing about her students, their effort, or progress. She will grade solely based on her liking you, and her liking you depends on the following: (1) You have to have a perfect working knowledge of the Russian grammar, which means, if you are in this country for more than 2 years, you better have been attending a Russian school. (2) You should have read most of the works on her syllabus prior to taking the class (3) You must have an in-depth knowledge of the Russian History. If you lack any of these, she will put on a "sweet lady" mask, but don't be surprised when at the end of the semester she's “not willing to listen to you”. Overall she doesn’t have a single opinion of her own. She generally reads a printout, and asks the students to discuss.