General Chemistry (Summer Session)

Aug 2013

I've just completed two semesters of Gen Chem with Savisky. I agree with other reviewers about his low voice and his tendency to mumble, but he is responsive to feedback. The class just needs to remind him from time to time and Savisky will make an effort to speak more clearly. Or just sit closer. I found the audience thinned out quite a bit over the course of the semester so there's plenty of room in the orchestra section. He seems like a nice guy and always stops to take questions. The real problem is that his lectures are out of order with the course textbook. I didn't figure this out until second semester, but his class is really based on Petrucci and not Zumdahl. This is why he skips around so much and will do things like use U instead of E for internal energy. Do yourself a favor and get the "real" textbook for this class. That said, it isn't necessary to go to lecture. He posts his notes online and it's all pretty much straight from the book (Petrucci, that is). Grading seems relatively fair, he's very clear about how the class will be curved and he drops your lowest exam and quiz scores (2 dropped out of 7 in the summer semester). Really get comfortable with your algebra. At least half his exam questions are just long math problems and I found both his finals to be even more "mathy" than the rest of the exams.

Aug 2007

Overall, a good/fair professor. After reading the first few reviews on CULPA from 2004, I was frightened of him. In reality, he was a pretty nice guy. His lectures were dry and straight from the book, but that's expected of a gen chem professor. He knows his stuff, and tries to answer any student questions. He takes student input seriously, as he would take in student comments and adjust his tests accordingly. The tests were fair and didn't have many mistakes (they were usually minor: spelling/grammar errors, etc). Overall, I found it to be a fair class.

Aug 2004

This is not a class to take. I mean NO. The exams don't test your knowledge. Hard work does not make a good grade, in fact, if you work hard, you'll do worse. If you study from the book, the book is wrong, if you study from the notes, the prof had a bad day,and those are wrong as well. When you sit for the test, sit in the front so you can't hear the mutters of disaproval in the back, and so you can leave after you realize you don't know what you're doing. He's a good guy, he buys you doughnuts so you can have a full stomach while sinking in the pit of despair. he wants people to do well, but he doesn't understand that if we dont learn the material that he tests us on, then we cant do well. If you are taking chemistry because you want to get ahead, its better to just deal with Mc Dermott or Brus, atleast you wont be covering the material in 6 weeks.