Prep for College Chem

May 2005

I took this course with Luis last summer and as other reviewers have said he is definitely a great guy and a passionate teacher. Having just finished the second semester of General Chem I wanted to add my two cents for those of you wondering whether this course is worth taking or if you should just tough it out in General Chem. I definitely recommend taking this class! Yes you have to pay for a no credit class, but if you're taking chemistry then you are probably considering a major that requires it and you probably want to get a good grade so you can go on to a good med/grad school. Taking this class helps a lot. I found the first semester of G Chem pretty easy. About 30% felt like review, so I was able to really focus on the new stuff. If you do take this class I recommend you try to do as well as you can despite the fact that it's pass/fail, because every single thing you go over will absolutey be useful when you get to G Chem.

Aug 2004

Avila is the kind of professor everyone wants... caring, approachable, human and interesting. He actually cares about his subject AND being a good teacher. An all too rare combination.