Orientalism and the Historiography of the Other

May 2006

Khalidi is hands down one of the best professors at Columbia. He is an incredibley engaging lecturer, making his large lecture class really interesting. I learned alot. His seminar was also good times. He's smart, he's interesting, and he's a cool guy. Take anything with him. He's great!

Aug 2004

Professor Khalidi is an academic superstar and one of the world's leading modern Middle Eastern historians. Take advantage of his arrival at Columbia and take any class you can with him- there is no better professor to engage with on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Arab nationalism or Middle Eastern history. His seminar explored how history is written cross-culturally and had a remarkable book list. We explored Said's Orientalism, various historians/anthropologists who engage in the power/knowledge discourse and the perceptions of 'others' throughout history. Most of the course was student presentations, which fluctuated between well prepared and enlightening conversations as well as some disappointing let downs, a result of poor student preperation. Khalidi's perspective is remarkable, and his academic integrity is first class. Not one divisive issue was polemicized, and all topics were subject to rigorous academic debate. Regardless of his outside engagements and responsibilities, Khalidi made himself available at office hours and was extremely helpful and friendly on an array of issues. He is a passionate intellectual and a first class professor, and we could all use a little of his scholarship to get to the heart of the mess we find ourselves in when it comes to that region of the world.