General Politics of Modern Iran

Sep 2004

Professor Dabasi may be brilliant but he is also an ego-maniac who is rude and condescending even to the female professor that he was co-teaching with. He shows up late and then yells at people who have to leave early. The class required no knowledge of Persian/Farsi and yet most of the handouts were in Persian and he said find them in English. When the class informed him that none of us could find it...he said...oh well you don't need it....well if I am paying a shit load of money for a class...I personally want all of the materials. He treated those of us who were not Iranian like none of us could have a clue about Islam or Iran. He would stop every five minutes and ask us if we knew what the Qur'an was...or was so irritating that I left the class and was even willing to pay half if I had to. Luckily I got out right under the wire. If you are inspired by teachers who get off on their own intelligence and treat you like shit...well by all means he is your guy. If you are a stronger person than me...He really is brilliant...when he wants to be...I recommend reading his literature and essays...instead of actually taking his class.