Latin American Poetry

Sep 2004

Carmen is . . . interesting. She's definitely very enthusiastic about poetry, and so we spent most of the class time reading and discussing poetry (well, actually she mostly talked, but if you were persistent you could get a word in edgewise). A lot of her passion definitely comes through and she has a lot of interesting things to say. However, don't think this will be an easy class; in general, you won't have to do much of anything, but there are two huge papers you have to write that are worth most of your grade (and they're due right when you have lots of tests to take for more work- intensive classes). They don't have a specific topic (something like "discuss a poem and the life of the poet who wrote it") or page limit, but the expectation seems to be that they will be long and well- written. It's hard to say anything in general about this class. If you go to class and write decent papers, you'll get a decent grade. If you like listening to a knowledgeable person talk for several hours a week, you might enjoy it. But if you want an engaging class you can participate actively in, I would suggest finding a better option.