Dec 2009

This class was one of the most enjoyable classes I've had so far in my college career. It's one of those classes where everyone has something to say, whether you do the readings or not. Levin is very charismatic and humorous and is more than willing to explain a concept if you're not quite understanding it. He loves class discussion and is serious about his participation grade so make an effort to speak up every once in a while. The only problem was that he was awful about responding to emails so it was very difficult to get him to look over any drafts you might have had. But, the concepts were never so difficult that you absolutely needed his input on a paper so it's very easy to do well in this class and not be in his office every week for office hours.

May 2007

sure, he's a nice guy, but he has no sense of classroom control. this class was lecture-size, but he decided he wanted seminar-style participation. as a result, classes became painful to sit through, listening to everyone try to get his/her opinion in. he could not or did not know when to take control of the discussion to keep it from getting off track. my notes became pointless because class time was spent talking about anecdotes and students' personal opinions - none of which were significant for the exams, of course. only take this course if you are willing to waste your time in class and do the reading to teach yourself the topic.

Sep 2004

Prof. Levin is not only adorable in a geeky kinda of a way but he is also a very interesting lecturer. Since it was his first semester teaching he still had some things to work on. Otherwise, his readings are not busy work and are actually all very interesting. Additionally, he gives out an evaluation for the class to fill out about him mid-year so if there is something that you do not like about his teaching style you can let him know. Additionally, he is very open to meeting with students and very approachable. He gives out extra credit for going to every class. The material is fascinating and Levin does an excellent job of presenting it.