The Kalevala, Kanteletar and Finnish Poetry

Sep 2007

I loved this class and this professor. Aili (as you will come to call her) is easy going, interesting, witty, and slightly nuts. She is able to relate the Kalevala (and if you don't know what it is, that's okay; she will have you raving about it within a month) to all things Finland, yet she is able to make the Kalevala interesting for the Kalevala's sake alone. She is keenly interested in the background and experiences of her students, and tries to draw on these as much as possible during the course of classroom discussion. The class tends to small, intimate and fun.

Sep 2004

Ms. Flint's class meets in a small room engorged on all sides with books on anything Finnish. She greets you will a smile, parts with you with a smile and keeps the entire length of class as interesting as any class I've ever had thanks to her bubbly personality. I knew nothing about Finland beyond that it was one of those countries up north before. I'm no expert now, mind you, but I know the national epic, the Kalevala, through and through and am looking forward towards a trip to Finland when my finances will allow it. There is no single class I would recommend more highly, nor any teacher I have ever enjoyed and learned from quite as much than this Kalevala class, taught by Prof. Flint. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me at Columbia. (Except that one time at the West End, but that's another story...)