Dec 2005

Unfortunately, McKenna has no interest in hearing your ideas. Do yourself a favor and take a Screenwriting class at the New York Film Academy or another institution. Although at root a very good guy, he is extremely self-absorbed. He spent 90% of our class time talking about himself, what his favorite movies are, and doing impressions of his favorite actors (which include, by the way, Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.) No one in my class thought they got anything useful out of it. A real waste of time- the only thing I got from it was the feedback of the few people in my class, whose comments he stifled to interject his own. Awful.

Dec 2004

In my opinion, David McKenna really doesn't care about you. He will talk about your screenplay in class, but don't count on any interest beyond that. He prides himself on being anti-academic, and seems to think he is incredibly profound, but mostly he's just lewd and inappropriate.

Jan 2000

McKenna is a macho man to the bones and a frustrated actor as well. His recent reincarnation is a cross between Crocodile Dundee and Clint Eastwood. He red lines on swagger, a phony cowboy accent, profanity, and pure bologna. He uses an excellent book that charts the course of a screenplay and uses examples from films to back up the course book, and that can be illuminating -- at times. But unfortunately he is a teacher that confuses taste with style and erudition with high octane delivery. Watch out for his little black cigar. He likes to hang it in his lip like Clint and opine like Dirty Harry, which he ain't.