Intermediate French Conversation I

Dec 2012

Professor Baudry is one of the kindest and most interesting professors in the French department. I had her for a conversation course so my perspective on her teaching style may be biased. Each class session, she came up with thoughtful and relevant topics for conversation. Her quizzes were fair, her feedback on class presentations and pronunciation was thorough, and her positive energy and consideration made each class delightful. She is highly approachable both inside and outside of the classroom, and her range of interests and ability to speak on any subject from Old Skool rap to 16th century literature is impressive to say the least. If you want to take conversation to learn how to speak the language and have a good time I highly recommend Prof. Baudry.

Dec 2009

Mary-Alice is young so she's in touch with her students. It was her first time teaching a conversation class so it was definitely rough in the beginning to find ways for us to be engaging with the language. By the end of the course though our class was really close. It can very with the day how interesting the class is, sometimes we watched a movie, sometimes we did first grade level worksheets. I can't say it helped me improve my french though. She's also usually late for class. She's really funny and nice but I don't know if I would take another class with her.

Mar 2009

As someone who's taken LOTS of language courses (German, French, Arabic) over the years, let me tell you: Matthew is as good as they come. What a friggin' excellent teacher. The previous review nails it on the head: this guy manages to be both VERY demanding and at the same time VERY fun. He's clear, energetic, helpful, precise, funny - anything you could hope for in a teacher. Last but not least, I was amazed to find out he was American - based on his accent I was sure he's native French.

Jan 2006

Marie Pelichet is studying film at Columbia, I think (she said it in French, and that's what I thought she said), and she's a very good conversation teacher. The class usually starts with a newspaper article, an essay, etc., and then the class discusses it. She picks interesting subjects to talk about, a few of them good films. She doesn't call on people, so to earn your participation points you have to jump in the conversation on your own. She's very friendly, and she grades fairly (and then some). I had a great experience in her class, and I would recommend her class. It was a little intimidating at first, but I'm a much better listener and a better speaker than I was at the start of the semester.

Dec 2004

I don't have much to add to David's other reviews, except to stress his capability to teach Columbians a thing or two about how to dress. I'd show up for every class just to see what shoes (always bangin') he was wearing. Yes, he wears YSL, but he's got the Francophone chops to make it work. Engaging he is, f'real. David brings out the conversationalist in each person. Oh, and he's smoother than any person on the planet, so don't think you can hide in the back. He also catches the nuances of pronunciation, but always corrects without making one feel stupid. My only complaint: he's too nice to cut off presentations that run way over the 5- or 10-minute limit.