Africa in Cinema

Dec 2004

A really great class, with very minimal effort involved. There's a little bit of reading at the beginning of the semester, but otherwise it's watching movies once a week and then discussing them the other day of the week. I wouldn't recommend taking this class to improve your French, however. It's a joint class between African Studies and French, so it's taught in English with discussions and reaings in English. You have to write your papers in French for it to count towards the minor or major, however. Most of the movies have some French in them, but are all subtitled, which doesn't encourage much use of French either. Take this class if you're interested in learning more about Africa than just economics and politics, but really understanding the lives and struggles of people in the postcolonial era. The discussions are also really engaging and Prof Glover definitely knows how to direct them. Professor Glover as a whole is very intelligent and engaging as well, although her field definitely isn't cinema, it's francophone studies, which is a nice touch to the class, as she's able to contextualize a lot of the films.