Cardio Fitness

May 2011

Ken Torrey is the best instructor! He's very easgoing, enthusiastic, and is very willing to work with whether it's making up classes or getting to a higher fitness level. Moreover, he's one of the best administrators at this school and unlike most teachers, he wants to help students and work with them rather. For example, my friends and I missed other courses and made them up with his cardio class and he was very willing to help us make up those classes on our timeline.

Dec 2010

I took the 8:00AM Cardio class with Zack. Let me tell you, that was hard to wake up for. By the time the calendar hit December, I had already burned through all of my absences. However, I would take this class again if Zack was 'teaching' it. He is BEYOND lenient. Besides the already generous 6 absences allotted for a PE class, he allows us to come to another cardio section or come during his 'office hours' to make-up an absence (a pe instructor has office hours?). Class consists of hoping on one of the machines and doing whatever you want while Zack reads a book. Most people leave after half an hour, no one ever stays the entire class time. When the end of the semester approached, I was really burned out but I realized that I used all my absences already. I swear, I would have failed if I had any other instructor. The 2nd to last class, I really needed to work on something else, so I signed in with Zack and then I walked out through the other side. I'm not sure if he saw me or not, but I felt guilty none the less. That class when I signed in he told me as long as I showed up for the last class I would be fine. The last class I was so burned out from writing my term paper that I didn't wake up til 8:30. I ran straight over to Dodge and Zack told me I was fine and that I passed. LIES. Who knows what he's doing with those attendance check marks when no one's looking...

Apr 2007

Chris ran this phys-ed class just as I was hoping it would be run: under the philosophy that "you can make of this what you will--you can choose how much you want to get out of this experience." The only rules were that you should show up no more than 5 minutes late to class and you couldn't miss more than 6 classes in total. But other than that, Chris was smart, friendly, approachable, and willing to give fitness advice if you asked for it... but totally didn't dictate what you had to do. I found that I actually ended up doing more than I originally thought I would, just because it wasn't compulsory. You feel better about exercising when you can determine for yourself how hard you want to push yourself--it comes so much easier when you're not doing it because you feel forced but because you are taking pride in setting your own pace and goals for yourself.

Dec 2004

Shannon is great. Lenient with people coming in late. Let us do whatever we wanted to do as long as we came to class and didn't try to leave early. Easygoing instructor to satisfy the P.E. credit.