Fable and Fantasy

Jan 2005

Always interesting, often brilliant, sometime hilarious ("pot has changed since when I was a kid..." "it's like Viagra, you know, you have to take the age of the subject into comparison"). You should take any class you can with her, just because she makes everything interesting. She's actually TOO lenient about due dates, paper, subjects, students going off on tangents, etc., but she really cares about her classes, and it shows.

Dec 2004

If you can handle a flakey professor, Professor Prescott is great. Not especially organized, but almost always interesting. She doesn't take attendance, and you won't be missing anything vital if you skip class - but class is worth going to if you think the texts are interesting and if you want to talk about them. Go every once in awhile if only to find out when papers and "exams" are due (Prof. Prescott's syllabus can be excrutiatingly frustrating to follow).

Dec 2004

What praise can you say about this woman that hasn't already been said? She is like the totally awesome aunt you never had. She's older than she seems, but is blessed with an unbridled spirit, wit, and intelligence. Her tone is often sarcastic but never bitter, and she is quite possibly the smartest lady you'll ever meet. Anne Prescott: adore her!