German 1202

Jan 2006

Consider yourself blessed from the heavens if you are fortunate enough to land in one of Elia's classes. She is everything a teacher should be (plus, she's cute). Best language class I've had anywhere, ever.

Dec 2005

I'll make this short and sweet- if you have a chance to take Elia Gurna for ANY German class, consider yourself blessed. I mean blessed. This woman personifies why the German department is the best language department at Columbia- indeed kicks ass over all the others- she's caring, excited, helpful, fun, hard (but in a good way- in an "I want you to learn German way,"), cool, and any other positive adjective I've left out. You'll look forward to going to class.

Dec 2004

Jutta is excellent. Warm, affable, and understanding. She is a native speaker, so her German is flawless (unlike some TA's). You won't find better in the department.