British History 1760-1867

Feb 2007

Probably the worst lecturer I've had here at Columbia. Although all her seminar students seem to love her, her lectures are incredibly boring. She pre-types every word in each lecture, and reads the lectures to the class in a monotone voice from behind a podium. You will learn precisely what you can learn from any British History textbook; if you take the course, you're probably better off just reading that.

Apr 2005

I completely disagree with the other review of Adina for this course. Yes, the discussion section was often painfully quiet, but this was not Adina's fault: she came up with really interesting questions about the reading material and really tried to spark discussion. However, because her questions were mostly based on the reading assigned and because the majority of people in the class had not done the reading, only one or two people ever responded to the questions. Of course she expected everyone to have done the readings--that's what's expected in a history course! I highly recommend her as a TA.

Mar 2005

Awful. Absolutely awful. Her section was always painful...she would sit there and wait for the students to start talking when we had no idea what to prompts. The other TA in the class was energetic and enthusiastic about presenting information to students (unfortunately i didn't find this out until the very end of the semester), but Adina would just sit there was almost as if she was trying to make us feel stupid for having nothing to say. I don't think i've ever seen her smile, nor do i think i've ever heard her say anything nice. She brought a great deal of negative energy to this class and didn't teach us anything. Never have her as a T.A. if you can help it.

Jan 2005

This is by far the best history class I've taken at Columbia. I've never learnt so much from one class (and go through an entire notebook plus 15 more pages). Prof. Pedersen packs a lot of information into one lecture and she starts class on-time. There is a lot to learn and British politics can get pretty messy, but it's worth it. The one aspect of this course that I did not like was a long research assignment. It wasn't very clear on what we had to do and it involves spending a lot of time in the stacks picking out a suitable document to work with. Furthermore, you'll have to spend some more time identifying the characters within your document. Granted, the "long" assignment only consists of 5 pages (and you'll run out of room to put everything on), but it takes forever to write. The readings are doable but can get heavy at times. The grading for the entire course is completely dependent on your TA.

Dec 2004

Professor Pedersen is great. Her lectures are always interesting and informative. If you attend class and take good notes, there is pretty much no need to read the textbook. There are a lot of primary source and scholarly articles read in the course, but not an overwhelming amount of them, and they are useful in understanding the period. I loved the class.