Ballet V

Dec 2011

I found this class to be less intense and stressful than other ballet classes, but I found it way too slow. Her combinations put me to sleep. She also doesn't understand how to give corrections for the more advanced dancers in the class and instead gives very broad, simple corrections like "don't tuck your pelvis" and "square your hips." She's very kind and caring as a person, but I did not find her to be a helpful teacher. It must have been hard for her because the class was so big and there was a broad spectrum of levels. I enjoyed myself sometimes but I didn't improve and felt bored mostly.

Dec 2004

Katie Glasner is one of the sweetest persons at the dance department. She brings her enthusiasm and cheerifulness right into the classroom. John RIch's accompaniment is also delightful. He seems to have an indefinite supply of songs stored up in his sleeves. While her class can be quite slow, especially at the barre, the structure of the class is quite thorough. The main complaint I have is that the class was so big and seemed much too short. Not enough time is devoted to the center, which means that every day we have to skip something. In particular she does not have enough or any pirouette combinations. But this is probably due to only having an hour and 15minute class. In addition, if you want to get the full benefit out of this class you have to be willing to push yourself because there are too many people for her to watch at once. I do believe, however, that she corrects the vast majority of the class individually, although most of her corrections are directed to the class as a whole. Overall I would recommend this class because Katie makes it fun and has students focus on "healthy" alignment.