Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

Apr 2021

I wanted to like this Professor a lot but this class was very stressful with little guidance. Elham seemed very genuine in class, going over some important details up to three times before moving on. However, the midterm and final weren’t very well rounded and were mostly on a couple of chapters rather than the 9 that were taught from the textbook. On top of this, the 6 week class was dampened by a looming 2000 word “book review project that wasnt very specific. It also seemed like Elham and Michael (her ta) weren’t always on the same page, which made things even worse. Overall, I would strongly recommend against any “intensive classes for macro, these topics need time to stick. I think the reviews for Elham below are kind of harsh, she can definitely teach, AND it’s clear she WANTS to be there which is refreshing. She can be kind of harsh in office hours( I cried immediately after our meeting for the book review) but it builds character, eh?

Apr 2021

She plays clear favorites and is really ineffective at communication, I tried emailing her for help as I couldn't make office hours (extenuating circumstances), and not once did I get a reply. Even attempted to get her attention with the help of the TA to no avail. If you're good at self-teaching and can memorize the textbook, you should be fine otherwise save yourself and take it with Jasova.

Apr 2021

This class is unnecessarily hard with her. She teaches straight from the textbook, and somehow makes it even more confusing. I have a hard time understanding anything in class (the book itself however is fine). Midterm was on the easier side - half short response, half multiple choice. Her book report however is extremely confusing. The TA Michael is fine. He's nice and he knows what he's talking about. Very patient too. I would take a different teacher.

Oct 2020

Professor Jasova was one of my first teachers here at Barnard, and I absolutely loved her. She is super good at explaining, and she is always very available in helping when needed. She does not only help you with the topics explained but, if asked, she will also give you some useful and precious career advice. I took the Fall A immersive course with her in Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, and even if the content is not super easy, she made it look like it. I am super happy to have taken this class: I have learned a lot. She also teaches a Financial Econ class, and I am nearly 100% sure I will take it next semester. Also, major shoutout to Lavanya, the best TA I have ever had. She went out of her way and held extra office hours if someone asked for it, with no hesitation. She was super genuine and helpful; she made sure you would understand all the concepts. I loved this class, and I wish all my professors and TAs were as good, as prepared, and as understanding as Professor Jasova and TA Lavanya. TAKE THIS CLASS IF YOU CAN!!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

Oct 2020

I just took Intermediate macro theory as a Fall A immersive and I can honestly say professor Jasova is worth the hype. We had class 4 times a week and 2 recitations along with that. The lectures were clear and she posts the slides/recordings afterward. She has lots of office hours and always stays after class in case anyone has questions. The test material is pretty fair - she never asks things she doesn't explicitly cover. We had 3 TAs but Lavanya literally saved us all. Her recitations made problem sets and quizzes so much more manageable. Nothing is curved but the final letter grade you receive is based on your performance compared to your peers. She looks for discrepancies in the data and then decides what number A-/B+ will be. The material is difficult but not unbearable if you keep up with the lectures and read the textbook.

Apr 2020

Having explored Barnard's economics department for two years, I can't think of a professor cooler or better than Prof. Jasova. I took her Intermediate Macroeconomics class and everything was so well explained and organized/structured. She lectured in a manner that accommodated for a variety of learners. Her work with the European Central Bank and other firms globally is very impressive. She is also very helpful during office hours and just wants her to students to succeed!

Jun 2016

She's a really sweet lady who definitely cares about her students. Her intro class was incredibly easy if you took AP Econ but super boring, as you can tell she isn't interested in hearing it again just as you. She's really good about covering most things in class and posting slides, so you can definitely get away with not reading the book if you have AP experience. Her macro class is significantly better and you can tell she gets excited about certain topics. Still a little dry, but a very doable (although you 100% need to read the book since a lot of questions come out of book examples). The TA, Luis, however, is extremely unhelpful, often got questions wrong, and recitation was a waste of time. Go to Quella! She is super willing to sit down with you even though she's a bit awkward. She also gives out extra credit for current events and her discussions on those articles was the best part of the class. A lot of people didn't like her since it wasn't a very captivating class, but she's a very fair professor.

Jan 2013

He does NOT take any responsibility for his student. First of all, his two classes--International Money and Finance and Intermediate macroeconomics cover almost the SAME materials!! I can say 95% of the materials are the same! Same handouts and same boring lectures. Most important thing I would like to say here is: do NOT believe his any promise to you! I asked him whether he could offer me a very important document for me 2 months before the deadline of submission. He replied me with his usual smile face that it was his pleasure to do this for me. And in the following days I discussed every details with him and told him the deadline. He still replied with his nice and polite words and said he would like to do this for me. Therefore I did not prepare for further alternatives. BUT,he called me 4 HOURS BEFORE THE DEADLINE that HE CANNOT DO IT FOR ME. He just threw me into a very embarrassing situation that I cannot get any other documents from other professors at this last moment before deadline, and he totally knew this! His reasoning is that my writing skill is not perfect. He does not want to lose his face to help me with his name on the document. It is totally ridiculous!! I admit that my writing skill needs to improve as an international student, but ruined his promise at the last moment based on this kind of reasoning is ridiculous and selfish! He chose not to lose his....face, maybe.... , but he loses all of his morality as a Professor!!

Jul 2012

I found lectures dry and by-the-book; most of the class ended up skipping them. She covered the material, but I usually got lost - not sure if it was the early time of the class, me, or her. When people asked questions, her answers didn't usually demonstrate understanding of what it was that students were confused about, so answers were generally not helpful (and re-asking often felt redundant, since students gave up trying to clarify at some point). The weekly MyEconLab assignments were incredibly easy, especially since the system gives you so much help and so many chances to get it right. The fact that perfect/near-perfect scores were trivial to get without having completed any reading and without any understanding of the material heeded learning for my lazy ass but they were a nice grade boost. I was always woefully underprepared for the tests, but even so I pulled through; I found them consistent, understandable, relatively easy, and pretty well-written. From the grades the class received, others agreed. There are probably better ways to learn the topic, if you're way too lazy like me you should probably go with someone who will push you a little harder. However, I think if I put more effort into readings/attendance/attention I could have learned a lot, she certainly seems knowledgable. Second midterm was only just before the end of classes, but I liked that system because it meant we were tested on basically all of the material non-cumulatively before the cumulative final. I was more evenly prepared for the final than I am in most classes, and had been able to identify all of my most difficult problem areas already on the midterms. She's a nice person - she sliced five days off of her projected grading time for the first midterm when the class reminded her when the pass/d/fail deadline was in order to get scores out before the deadline. I really appreciated that. In short: easy, dry, I found lectures hard to follow and unenjoyable.

Jan 2012

He is too good looking to be allowed to teach at a women's college. I spent half the class paying attention and half checking him out. That aside, he is a great, energetic, charismatic professor who gets students engaged in the subject matter and goes at a reasonable pace. It is a workload but it is tolerable. Only complaint was accessibility outside the classroom. He seems to just wanna teach the class and go home and not make his office hours too plentiful. But if you pay attention and take notes, you won't really need the office hours.

Dec 2010

I really enjoyed this class. the prof is extremely nice! her office hrs are never crowded so go with questions because she goes over all of your issues without making you feel stupid! she teaches right out of the text book but i would recommend going to class because she explains everything very well. the ta sessions are also very helpful if the ta is good (thankfully the first one sucked but left so we got a much better one midway through the semester). the problem sets are hard but if you can do them and understand how to do them you will do fine on the test. the avg of the midterm was 70% and it was curved very generously. i would def recommend this course with prof colacelli because she is so nice and does not try present info we have no idea how to answer on the exams (the questions are challenging though). overall i have nothing to complain about!

Dec 2009

He may be one of the NICEST people I have ever met. But, that does not change the fact that this class (and his individual lectures) is SO disorganized. We use a textbook, but he refutes it every chance he gets. There is a practice midterm which is pretty much identical to the actual midterm, but the wording is RIDICULOUS (so confusing), as is the subsequent curve (around 30-40 points for me). Plus, he goes off on tangents. As a result, we barely covered a small portion of the plan intended on the syllabus. I do not feel even remotely confident in my knowledge of economics, and I know that's a common sentiment in the class. He is quite nice, though; I will give him that.

Dec 2008

Although a very nice woman, Prof. Colacelli should not be teaching a 3000 level "core" economics class. This was her first semester teaching non-intro, and it showed. She literally lectures directly out of the text, never explains examples and is unable to answer questions on the problem sets. Your best bet is to become best friends with the TA and hope she curves tremendously. The material is not hard in lecture, and you will walk out thinking how easy macro is, and then will be lost within 10 minutes on the problem set. Overall, it is better to suffer through a harder class than to take this one and learn absolutely nothing.

May 2006

She basically goes along with the book. You can either go to class or read the book; you really don't need to do both. The weekly problem sets are very easy and pretty short. The test questions are taken directly from the homework. This class is incredibly easy, and she's a generous grader. The class is more of a basic, introductory class for students to "understand the world better" and "understand the news" (she starts each class with asking students what they've read in the Times recently and relating the events to Macroeconomics...which, don't get me wrong, is pretty cool). All-in-all Professor Harrison is a pretty nice, cool, easy professor to have for a required theory class. But the class doesn't cover a fraction of what the Macro class equivalent across the street does, and it shies away from any difficult math. All you need to know is how to move the lines around in a graph, which is pretty intuitive (Mankiw-like) stuff anyway.

Dec 2004

Professor Harrison is awesome! She really cares about her students and wants them to do well. She teaches at a steady pace and tries not to speed right through the material. She patiently answers questions and never makes a student feel stupid for asking. Everything is very clear because it is written on the blackboard. If a concept is confusing, she rewords it in different ways so that it is more clear. She is definitely passionate about the subject and makes Economics less intimidating.

Dec 2004

The first day of Harrison's class, the minute she opened her mouth, I knew that I'd found my major advisor. SH is the kindest, funniest, most down-to-earth professor I've ever had. And I wasn't alone in falling for her -- the entire class enjoyed our time with her, and at the end of the last lecture of the semester, we spontaneously applauded. Harrison made economics fun, and she really wanted us to enjoy the subject as much as she does.