Global Literature in English

Mar 2012

Professor Abu-Manneh is one of the best professors I've taken a class with. He is really knowledgeable about the subjects he teaches, and he is also incredibly kind. I encourage his students to go to his office hours, because he will take the time to listen to you, and will offer constructive criticism and positive re-enforcement. Although its been some time since I've taken his class, he remains one of the most influential professors in my college career who has really guided me to do the best work I've done for a class and instilled in me the confidence to excel in all others. He's not a hard grader at all. But he does get upset when students clearly haven't done the reading and no one in class is participating.

Sep 2007

The syllabus for this class was amazing-- I read almost every book and it was so worth it. As for Bashir-- at first I thought he was overrated-- but as the semester went by--he won me over. He tends to go on a bit about Marxism, as he is a Marxist scholar, a bit much but for a lecture--this class was great-- Bashir is hilarious, intelligent, and definitely worth getting to know outside of class and if you can, try taking a seminar with him. He is very laid back, down to earth, and genuinely nice.

May 2007

I did not deal with Sonali much, however, her comments on my first paper were extremely helpful-they totaled an entire typed page!-and were a large reason why I went from a B+ on my first paper to an A on my second paper. She seemed helpful enough, given that she was the only TA in a class of almost 50 students.

May 2007

This was the first time this course has been offered and, while it was very successful, it could very well be different the next time it is offered, if it is. The basic theme of the class is the different ways in which the English language is used around the world over the past 200 years, ranging from Britain in the days of Empire, to the Carribean, and focuses alot on the use of it in Africa and African-American communities. Damrosch is brilliant and his love of the material is evident-he mostly lectures but is always willing to take questions and discuss the material in and out of class with students. This is a very interesting literature class, and very enjoyable, and I would highly recommend it.

Apr 2007

This class is great! For anyone who appreciates an English class that delves into cultural context and wants to get into real political and social issues, this is definitely worth taking. Bashir is hilarious and always engaging. The discussions, though intellectual and complicated, never fail to amuse. Note that the reading list, despite being considered "global", tends to focus on Arab/African novels.

Apr 2005

The Post-Colonial Lit. is fascinating and not too be missed. But I found Bashir to really be a ball-buster.

Dec 2004

I loved this class and Bashir's laid back teaching style. There was a lot of reading but it was well worth it.