Advanced Grammar and Composition

Jan 2015

I started the semester thinking that this would be my least favorite class, since I am not a fan of grammar at all. I only registered in the course because it's a prerequisite for the French literature classes I need for my major, but I am so, so happy that I ended up in Pascale's class! She is by far the greatest professor I have met here! The first two or three classes with her were pretty nervewracking, because she tries to scare away students who are expecting an easy class that they can float by in. But you'll quickly see how funny she is, and while sometimes her jokes are at students' expenses, it's all in good fun and she is equally self-deprecating. As a teacher, it is very clear that her students' progress is her number one priority, above grades, reviews, etc. She places a huge amount of emphasis on improving for the sake of learning, rather than for the GPA points. To back this up, she grades compositions fairly but always allows at least 2-3 rewrites in which she'll raise your grade if you actually take the time to better them. She expects you to work on the grammar exercises yourself, and come into class with any questions you might have. At the end of the semester, she asks students what they most want to review and focuses on that. Her exams are very fair, just various grammar questions and a composition or two. I can't emphasize enough how amazing of a teacher Pascale is. She really, truly cares about her students' improvement, and she sets up 2 or 3 meetings with each of her students during the semester, in which she goes over the things that you have the most trouble with and gives you advice. Go in to see her as often as you can! I've had some really great chats with her and she's really an incredible person as well as teacher!

Dec 2004

Perla is exactly her name: an absolute jewel . She has tremendous kindness, is patient with all her students, and has that rare ability to bring out the best in a student, no matter their level. She does, however, expect you to work, but working for a teacher as wonderful and engaging as Perla was never more pleasurable for me. If you have a strong background in Spanish grammar, and you are passionate about / very interested in the Spanish speaking world, then this is the class for you. You will have fun, your writing style will improve, and you will make a wonderful teacher/friend in the Spanish Department.

May 2004

Aurora offers a burst of other-culturely charm. This class, you should also know, has a lot of work. On the first day, Dr. Aurora called us all masochists for enrolling. At first, it is manageable, even (I'm a nerd) enjoyable as you start to feel your French improving; but as your other teachers, too, start assigning papers and tests, you might start to resent 3405. Yet never the teacher. If you are only able to half-ass some of the assignments and feel that you are retaining less, you can still pick up a lot of knowledge in class--all of his lessons are amazing and informative. You will hardly ever look at the clock because Aurora is the best teacher ever, combining the right amount of humor and pressure to get you engaged and working. His excitement and perfect teaching style made my resentment towards the heavy workload disappear (Because there is nothing worse than an apathetic, unapproachable teacher who assigns too much homework ,seemingly on a whim). Aurora reads and grades every assignment right away, and offers copious amounts of comments on each. He's right there with the students at every step.

Feb 2004

Anjali is great. She's an excellent teacher and puts real effort into helping students learn the material. She is always available outside of class and is nice enough that you'd never hesitate about approaching her.

Jan 2004

Monica is great. She is very energetic in class and always lets the students have fun. She jokes around with us and relates well to the class because she's young. Every day, we would usually work from the book, going over grammar, and do some handouts all together. If she couldn't answer a question, she would go home and figure out the answer and let you know next class. She is active in the hispanic academic world in nyc and let come with her to nyu to a poetry reading that she worked on with a famous poetry translator. Grading was consistent, though the ability level from student to student varied greatly, meaning grades did too. She is negotiable on deadlines and stuff like that. She calls on you in class to answer worksheet questions but doesn't mind if you get them wrong. Overall, she's very nice and cool; I recommend this class.

Apr 2003

I love this man. I wish he taught more classes. The class is very relaxed, but you learn a lot. He's funny and engaging and one of the most caring professors I've had at this godforsaken school.

Jan 2002

Perla is great. she's a lovely, nice nice lady who will let you chat her up in office hours and is patient in class when you make mistakes. don't let the call number intimidate you. graduate students can register, but in my class there were also several people who had tested into the course or hadn't taken spanish for a few years who were good with grammar but not so great at speaking. you work on a combination of grammar and literature. the only thing is you spend too much time on literature for a grammar class, but also too much time on grammar for it to be a lit class. also, you never really learn how to develop each of the four styles of essays she coverse. overall however, the professor was excellent, and is a fair grader.