Latino History

Dec 2006

AWESOME Professor!!!! I enjoyed the majority of the lectures. The professor is very understanding and makes time for his students. Due to health issues I was out sick and still got a "A". He really is passionate about what he knows and encourages class particpation.

Jan 2005

Really nice professor and very well read, but did not convey material in an interesting factor. He was very long winded at times and tried his best to have student particupation, but that never worked. Definitely a class you can miss and while they might notice, the majority of the class misses. If you honestly do want to learn A LOT about Latino history/ your committed to the readings, then you will most definitely with this course. If you want an easy course then this is it too.

Dec 2004

This is extremely boring. Prof. DeGenova's voice is soo mellow you'd wanna fall asleep or not make an effort in going to class. 1/3 of the class attended every session, the other 2/3 never showed up only the day before the take home midterm and final. The TA's were informative. Reading was heavy but you never have to do it, unless you want to participate. The Professor is realllly nice, he put all the reading in coursewoks, therefore no one bought the coursepack which saved everyone 65 bucks.