Dec 2005

Prof. Danoff-Burg definatlly does not put any effort into the class. He assigns problem sets and other work without even looking at it (as evident by the fact that we didn't cover some of the material we were tested on). He seems to have the class all laid out and then assigns the work even though he is never really caught up to where he wants to be. He also phrases his questions really badly - making problem sets and exams very confusing. Could be an easy class, but because I feel he does not communicate well, my grade is suffering. He also gave us a takehome final on courseworks for which we were asked to do research online about certain models we studied. If you couldn't find anything online, or found stuff but it wasn't exactly what he was looking for, you were penelized. He is a pretty harsh grader. Aside from that, he is a very nice guy and means well.

Jan 2005

Professor Danoff-Burg is kind, but does not seem to put a lot of effort into the class - he has office hours just once a week at the West End, often corrects his notes in the middle of lectures, and can be slow in handing back graded items. He also does not seem to have a firm grasp of the subject. I find Ecology to be very dull, but Danoff-Burg gets students involved in the lectures with his wacky antics, personal anecdotes, and often so-lame-they're-actually-funny jokes. The readings are unnecessary and I did not purchase any of the texts, required or not, because his exams are based purely on the notes. Although the exams are not curved, they are quite easy and do not require much preparation at all. The final exam is cumulative, and Danoff-Burg covers a significant amount of material from the beginning of the semester on the exam (which is annoying), but overall, the exam is easy and the final grade is curved. If you want to avoid Evolution (and Morton) like the plague (I know I did), take this class. It may be boring subject-matter, but it's easy and Danoff-Burg makes it as entertaining as possible.

Jan 2005

He is a very personable man and really wants his students to do their best. He uses powerpoint presentations to lecture, and prewritten notes can be downloaded off his homepage ahead of time. He is the only professor that holds office hours at the West End, so its possible to have lunch and have your questions answered at the same time.

Dec 2004

This class is EASY! You don't have to do the readings, everything comes form the lecture. Gotelli's "Primer To Ecology" is the only text on the list you need to buy. It helps clarify the theorietical models gone over in class. Overall this prof just wants you to have a general understanding of ecology.