Latin American Protest/Fantasy

Jan 2000

There is no doubt that Alfred MacAdam is an amazing translator, is famous, and is well-read. Over the course of the entire semester, however, the participants in the class said all of 2 words to one another (there were 10 of us) and there was no structure to the class. He announced the midterm a week before it was due, ditto for the final. A highly uncomfortable environment to be in...the vein of sexuality that ran through all of the criticism made the experience strangely, I don't know, sticky....The day that the midterms were due, the whole class sat in their seats, saying nothing. He entered the room, sat behind his big table, and in his feigned accent (which was at least an octave lower than the voice in which he spoke English) said, while waggling his fingers, "Venga a tio alfredo" -- which translates to, "come to Uncle Alfred." yipes.