Logic and Limits of Economic Justice

Jan 2010

Easily the most interesting, engaging lecturer I've had for Economics. He is extremely knowledgeable about basically anything relating to economics and social justice. He manages to command your respect while being very approachable. The texts that we covered were very useful in discussion (even though they were sometimes poorly-written). He has a great sense of humor, too, which is often self-deprecating. He keeps it pretty real, often using coarse language to get a point across. But we're all big kids now, so this shouldn't be problem. The only part of the course that sniffed turds was a few of the other students. Because he's such an engaging lecturer there are those students who always have something to say, but when they speak they manage to say nothing at all. Andrews does do a good job of redirecting the class in these situations, and does so somehow with out belittling the classmates that like the sound of their own voice.