Jungle Books

Jan 2005

In my opinion, Carlos is an easy grader if he likes you. Class participation is very important. His intro. classes are very different from his more advanced classes: in the former he has a hard time teaching students with varied levels of familiarity with Spanish (like many professors), in the latter he is wonderful, introducing contemporary debates in other fields and making his courses interdisciplinary in a new and exciting way. I highly recommend his more advanced courses.

Dec 2004

Riobo is a really nice man, but a horrible teacher. He is extremely disorganized and often forgot to grade papers, percieved instructions differently than the students, and once didn't remember to prepare the second half of a lecture. However, he is very flexible as well as understanding. The students can tell he sincerely wants to be a good teacher, but his abstact and jumbled way of thinking often prohibits him from doing so. Also. he teaches this same class in Spanish and confuses what he told each class. On the upside, he grades fairly easily.