Review of Elementary French

Jan 2005

The class itself was great for anyone who has some working knowledge of French but doesn't know quite where they should fit in in the whole 1100/1200 business. It really helped for me to get back in touch with my French, and has definitely inspired me to get re-involved with the language. Brian is a pretty good teacher. I enjoyed the class a lot. He is very funny, and is very passionate about what he teaches and teaches you a good deal of slang that I'm pretty sure will come in handy someday (right?). He's pretty lax about attendance (I don't think he takes attendance actually...) and I don't know how much homework counted toward my grade. From what I could tell, the final grade was based mainly on your midterm (which was graded kind of harshly) and final and class participation, culminating roughly in what he thought you deserved, which to me, seemed pretty fair. Class was fun, but I really felt like I didn't have any idea what was going on. I think I would have liked more structure. I never knew when we had hw or what was due when, cuz it was sort of inconsistent. But, besides that, Brian was a great teacher, and I would recommend the class.