W3650 20th Century Art

Apr 2018

Branden Joseph is a handsome silver fox as a previous reviewer mentioned. He will not mollycoddle nor will he simplify material for this undergraduate class - he goes through about 70 slides per class . He is incredibly brilliant, synthesizes readings succinctly, and problematizes conventional understanding of modernist art in productive ways. So yes, I recommend this class.

Jun 2016

Ah, what to say about sauer-Krauss. I think that first and foremost taking the 20th century course is necessary and extremely helpful if you're an art history major. Although Prof. Krauss is typically scattered, technologically challenged, and intimidating, I learned so much about modern and contemporary art because Krauss introduces numerous of theories and essays by art critics, historians, artists (whom you will later find out are basically her colleagues). Everything she talks about is highly important, and the readings, sooner or later, are necessary and important pieces of literature. I don't agree with others that you can just get away with browsing/shopping on the internet during class or just not showing up at all, because most of the summaries you read online are subjective and usually omit important points about a piece of artwork. The textbook is reasonably priced, especially for an art book, and it is an enjoyable read (also makes for a nice decoration on the coffee table!) The workload is more than reasonable (weekly readings, 1 paper, 1 midterm, and 1 final). I love Krauss. She made me crack up in every class. **Speak from your diaphragm!

Apr 2016

her lectures are pretty scattered and short. its hard to follow what she's trying to say as she breaks of sentences in the middle and rarely finishes the point she's trying to make. she shows a ton of slides each lecture but rarely says anything meaningful about them, so you have almost no idea what will be relevant for the midterm/final. you learn most in the discussion sections/through the reading. if you're looking for a class where you can shop online/not show up to lecture and only learn through googling, the readings, and discussion section then this is a great class for you! only one short paper and a midterm/final, so relatively easy in terms of course load. i love art history but this was probably my least favorite class in terms of i didn't learn much at all and was completely uninspired by the lecture material

May 2015

The Power Point images need to correlate with the ideas presented in lecture. 20th century art is very conceptual and theoretical, but I would appreciated lectures that were more directly linked with artworks. We moved at such a rapid pace that we were unable to really focus on any movement. Ironically, Alberro is much like the enigmatic artist Jeff Koons. You can never tell if he is being tongue-in-cheek about artwork that was often made to mock its audience. This is strangely appealing, because he seems to mirror the artists at hand. I wish that he spent more time acknowledging the widespread criticism of 20th century work for "not being art." Spell Check is not a fan of this class. Alberro makes up his own words, such as "spectacularist" and "anthropomorphical." One of his favorite words is "phenomenological." He could condense his longwinded lectures by speaking more straightforwardly. Nearly every person in this class was on Facebook, e-mail and other social media websites during lecture. It would be helpful if Alberro banned laptops from the class, because they are extremely distracting. However, it is difficult to pick out the key points in Alberro's lectures. People usually end up typing the lectures verbatim. As an aside, this was the most well-dressed group of students I've ever seen. Be warned that no one wears sweatshirts and jeans to the midterm. Chanel minimalist clothing is a more fitting choice.

May 2001

Best class all year. The only complaint I can think of is that I truly felt that I missed out if I couldn't make it to one of her lectures or even came ten minutes late. Prof. Kiaer is incredible--extremely knowledgeable and a great speaker; she goes very in depth and is quite easy-going at the same time. She is extremely insightful and intelligent, and she lectures the material with charm and eloquence. I found that in the discussion sections, even the TA's were influenced by her thorough, student-friendly teaching style. You'll miss out if you don't have her for a semester. Even if modern art is not your cup of tea, at the very least, you'll have a great appreciation (and fascination) of it by the end of the semester.

Jan 2000

This is a prof. who clearly knows his stuff. Even though he can appear to be intimidating - he's not (just go to his office hours if you have questions). His lectures are bound to expand your vocabulary. As a Columbia student, I had thought that I was verbally well versed, but the lectures in this class have illustrated just how many words there are in the English language. The subject manner is great, the class efficiently run, and the prof. even has a dry/keen sense of humor. The quality of TA's can vary greatly. My TA, Beth, makes or section write added "book reports" if it appears that we haven't done the reading. This is an unnecessary hassle for an adult college student.

Jan 2000

Professor Buchloh is definately one of the best assets the Columbia/Barnard Art History program has to offer. As a Marxist Art Historian, he takes on a different view of art in general. His lectures are interesting although his choice of vocabulary requires some outside effort from a dictionary. I love 20th Century Art and enjoyed watching his enthusiasm in the work. He seems intimidating but is very approachable and has a dry sense of humor. His fetish for Duchamp is funny, he even admits to it.