Statistics and Methods

Jan 2009

One word: horrifying. She tried to teach math on powerpoint and did not use a marker ONCE the entire semester. She taught math by reading from her slides. The program she was using, stata, was new to her and she was completely lost. She is nice and tried, but seriously, she was more confused with the program than we were. Whenever someone asked a question about it, she would send them to the TA. As if that were not enough, she was a tough grader. Most people did not do very well and when I talked to others in the class they hated it. The material itself is not difficult, especially for anyone that has some statistics knowledge. She just can't teach, so expect to teach yourself. For someone with very little knowledge of stats, the midterm and final were very difficult. Also, there was a stata project due the same day. She is nice, but confused. If you dont want your grades to suffer, take it with someone else. I suggest Daniel Miller.

Apr 2008

So I was pretty horrified when I realized that no one has taken the time to warn others about Professor Shedd. She's new and has the potential to be great in a few years, but for the time being..please, just stay away. She tried to teach statistics by lecturing from powerpoint. LECTURING from POWERPOINT. At no point did she actually pick up a marker and work a single problem out on the board. Does she know she was teaching math? She used STATA, a stats computer program, but when we would ask questions about how to work the program she would tell us to ask the TA because she was still trying to figure it out herself. Gee, thanks. I thought I might be crazy until I started talking to other people in the class. Everyone HATED it. A fellow sociology major who loves stats and has taken many stats classes before got barely got a B- after busting her ass. Just spare yourself.

Oct 2005

For a first-time teacher at CU, it was clear to me throughout the course that Professor Gullickson certainly had some kinks to work out. For example, the entire class ran out of time on our midterm. For a class of non-math majors, I found that he was not able to apply "theory to practice" in an effective manner (he rarely went over examples on how to actually do different types of problems). During office hour meetings, I also found this to also be the case. That being said, if you put a tremendous amount of work into the class (I spent roughly 6 hours a week on problem sets--which he said to the class at one point was typical), the curve allows it that you should walk out with a B. He also assigns odd problems often which have answers in the back. He is a nice guy and was also extremely accessible outside of class. After the midterm disaster, he compensated by making our final much shorter and extremely manageable in the time that was alloted. HWs also got progressively shorter as the semester progressed.

Jan 2005

I believe that this was Prof. Gullickson's first class and he did a good job. I am a sociology major so I had to take this course as a requirement. I'm not a math person, and this class doesn't exploit that. The subject matter is relatively straightforward. Personally, I didn't really learn that much in class since there is a lot of material covered. I taught myself mostly while working on the weekly problem sets, which were rather time-consuming. This is really no fault of Prof. Gullickson's. He was very responsive to student comments and questions and was very easy-going. You can choose to be engaged in this class or to teach yourself from the expensive book. Overall, I enjoyed the class and it was pretty easy.