Combinatorial Number Theory

May 2006

This is the most relaxing math class that I have ever had at Columbia. You feel that you really can just be yourself and not suppressed by tons of definitions, lemmas and theorems that are shooting out from a fire hose. Because the stuff is so effortlessly taught and learnt. We only had three homework sets. As a result, we have more motivation and more interest for the material and therefore more memory retained :) The professor speaks in a very calm pace, which is extremely non-intimidating. You have plenty of time to absorb the meanings of the definitions before the statements of the theorems. Other attractions: There is a class dinner (which I unfortunately had to miss) that I heard was great; a genuine friendly feeling among classmates rather than competitiveness; a 15 minute presentation in lieu of midterm (there is nothing better than this :) and even better than all the above (pardon my inconsistency on what is the best) is the danger of being inspired!!! In this class, you will feel that math is not combing through tangled hair in a rush, which might make you look neat but how tedious and painful that is, nor is it a race to satisfy some weekly deadlines, and especially not a practice for law school. Instead, you will have fun.